Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Good for you.

do you remember the first time you saw him? what did you feel? where did you even met him?
was it in social media? is it in a convention? an event perhaps? either way let's go back to the real question.. 

What did you feel? did it gave you butterflies? I bet it did.

how do you know you if you still feel same way you did back then? do you think he still feels the same way..

do you ever just sit down and think "am I good in bed? where did I went wrong? is my skin fair enough or smooth enough? does he want bigger boobs? was I good enough? "

those girls in porn are hella' perfect with their perfectly rounded boobs, perfectly bleached anus and perfectly bleached blonde hair.

their noise, the way they touch each other, their rhythm.. I asked myself do I have rhythm? if I don't do this right would he leave me?

I wanted to be good for you.. I wanted to be a 14 carat million dollar baby girl for you. I wanted to please you so bad that I lost myself in the process..  

but baby, it's good we part ways.. I think we got lost in translation and maybe we both have rhythm.. just different ones.
and to be honest the only sex I want is where I sleep with someone special at night and wake up and still be with him in the morning -- slow and smooth like his love because he respect me way too much to treat me like those perfect girls in porn. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Update! :)

Hi guys! well I haven't updated this blog in a very long time! :3 
so yeah.. I feel like I have neglecting my LoL career? do I even have one? lol. anyways I haven't been playing League because I was feeling extremely shitty and I just don't feel like playing the game with a broken heart..

 we had a viewing party and I was one of the guest~

just a quick morning shot! because I love my nails so much! :3

I did a little shopping :3 because it's therapeutic! :)

oh! last oct.5 was cosplay mania and I had sooo much fun! I cosplayed mirai suenaga mad outfit! <3

Friday, August 15, 2014

Doll eyes trial

Hi guys! it's been a long time tho! well this is just a picture of me para maumay kayo.. hehe :3 just playing around with the naked palette :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

July haul!

blonde passion dye by Freshlight
All of the tank tops are from Forever21 and customize prints by graphi-tee
eyeshadow palettes by naked urban decay
hair spray by etude house <3

this is probably the most expensive haul I have done HAHAH :3  I'll make a review on the naked palettes <3